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Shofy Radar provide free tools to export or import products from other Shopify stores to Shopify or WooCommerce, analyze shopify websites and tune store performance.

Export / Import Shopify Websites

Shofy Radar Uplift Your Shopify Experience

Shofy Radar, a platform with tools to uplift your Shopify experience. Shofy Radar help Shopify sellers to increase their productivity with products, collections exporting, importing and store analyzing. Shofy Radar provide most of out of the box tools for free.

Shofy Radar also provide tools for buyers who are looking for best price and amazing discounts. Create price alerts helps both buyers to find the best price and sellers to stay up in the market with their competitors.

Unlock Power of Shopify

Shofy Radar comes with free tools for Shopify Sellers & Buyers. Explore free tools for

  • Export Shopify Products
  • Export Shopify Collections
  • Analyze Shopify Website