Analyze Shopify Store

Shopify Store Analyzer is a free tool which can analyze and extract data of any shopify store. This tool can extract product data, store data, sales, statistics and performance related data. This tool help sellers to quickly get an overview of any Shopify Store.

Shopify Store Analytics

What is Store Analytics

Shopify Store Analytics is a free tool to view a comprehensive overview of any Shopify Website. This tool help sellers to understand the website business landscape and customer landscape.

As a seller, you can understand your competitor's business data by using Shopify Analytics. This tool provide data about store, products, tags & keywords and pricing.

What Can I Learn?

If you analyze your competitor's website with Analyzer Tool, you can get an idea about product rollout rate, which you also need to maintain in order to bring the latest products. Also the product tags will indicate which items are mostly present in the store, you can use the same tags, vendors and categories to optimize seo and attract more buyers to your store.

Optimize your Shopify Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Store Analyze? Few common questions listed below.

Yes! Store analyze is 100% free tool.

We are working on trend data and traffic data. We will release a new update soon.

The data in the report is fresh and cached only for 24 hours. We refresh our cache everyday on user requests.

This feature is not yet available in the Store Analytics tool.

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